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Looking For Hollows – Superb Parrots

Looking For Hollows – Superb Parrots

About Emily Birks

Emily is inspired by the magnificence, uniqueness and personality of Australia’s wildlife. She uses ink or oil pastel to express the colour, pattern, and texture of fur and feathers while focusing on the animal itself. Emily’s aim is to create highly detailed portraits showing the beauty and character of each subject. Her close connection to...

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The superb parrot is listed as a vulnerable species. The yellow box-red gum woodlands of Mulligans Flat are critical to the survival of the superb parrot as they migrate from inland eastern Australia to breed in summer.

They nest solely in scribbly gums or Blakely’s red gums that are old enough to have developed hollows, such as the ones in Mulligans Flat. In a rapidly decreasing habitat due to urban development, the superb parrots then must compete with other birds and mammals for hollows.

Mulligans Flat is expanding their protective fence into Goorooyarroo Nature Reserve and planting new eucalypts in this area to assist in the long term care of this species.

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