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Our Team

Launched in November 2022, Canberra.Art is a project led by Korske and the creative team at Lucent Imaging, a Canberra-based print and digital imaging studio.

We’ve been working with artists, photographers and quality-focused people across Canberra since 2018.

Our story

In our interactions with our clients, we had a common question we always struggled to answer.

Where can I buy local art prints?

We built Canberra.Art to promote the work of our creative clients and to have a place we could direct people looking for beautiful, local art prints for their home or workplace.

Our Values

We believe in creating a sense of belonging and valuing that relationships, not transactions, are the foundation of connecting. 

We believe in creating a positive impact for those that share our world – Regardless of race, species or ideology.

We believe in leading by example.


We love change

We are change-makers who inspire those we connect with to make an impact. We want to see people thrive in their passions to impact our communities positively.


We love community
We are building genuine relationships that support, encourage and inspire stronger communities. We believe in standing for and with our community to do good things.


We love our world
We believe in taking care of our environment, people, and community. Our long term impact depends on values that consider our impact on our global, collective future.


We love sharing knowledge
We love to share knowledge, helping people to grow in their passions. We believe that we can inspire new ideas and collaborative solutions through sharing knowledge.

Made in Canberra

Our prints are all made in Canberra, our team is made up of locals and we’re passionate about the community we live in.

Invested in Canberra

Canberra.Art is part of a group of local businesses, including Keep Co and Lucent Imaging, that are actively investing in Canberra’s creative community.

Working with people from both professional and creative industries, we work hard to promote, inspire and encourage local creative talent here in Canberra.

Carbon Neutral

We work hard to minimise our carbon footprint, by finding ways to reduce our impact and by offsetting our unavoidable emissions. These offsets are invested in a biodiverse reforestation project in Western Australia.